I’m Calling the Police by Irvin D. Yalom has been widely read as a small hard copy book in many countries including France, Germany, Dutch, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Greece.

“Something heavy is going on … the past is erupting … my two lives, night and day, are joining. I need to talk.” Irv Yalom’s old medical school friend was making a plea for help. In their fifty years of friendship, Bob Brent had never divulged his nocturnal terrors to his close comrade. Now, finally, he found himself forced to.

In I’m Calling the Police, Brent recounts to Yalom the anguish of a war-torn past: Brent survived the Holocaust but after a life haunted by expiation and repression, a dangerous encounter has jarred loose the painful memory of those years. Together, they interpret the fragments of the horrific past that haunt his dreams.

I’m Calling the Police is a powerful exploration of the return of the repressed as well as many other of Yalom’s most vital themes—memory, death anxiety, and a glimpse into the effects of the healing relationship on both parties.

Now available in eBook format