Irvin Yalom:
Live Case Consultation
(DVD, 90 minutes)

Irvin Yalom: Live Case ConsultationThree therapists with varying levels of experience present the following cases to master clinician Irvin Yalom:

"Sue" 50 year old divorced woman struggling to find meaning in her life after a failed marriage and an empty nest.

"Paul" Artist with work inhibition, yearning for more in his life.

"Jeffrey" Group therapy patient seeking help to control angry outbursts in marriage.
"By far the best therapy
video I've seen. My
students loved it!"
Andrea Morrison, Ph.D.
Acting President and Dean
Argosy University,
SF Bay Campus

Dr. Yalom responds to both the clinical issues and the therapists' reactions and countertransference, always looking for opportunities to bring more focus into the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship.

He highlights key existential themes, interweaving ideas from writers and philosophers who have influenced his thinking, as well as clinical vignettes from his own practice. This video clearly shows how Dr. Yalom's theories can be applied to the types of cases you are likely to encounter in your everyday practice. An invaluable resource for professional development, training, and teaching purposes for therapists of all theoretical orientations.

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