Understanding Group Psychotherapy
Video Series
by Dr. Irvin D. Yalom

Understanding Group PsychotherapyDr.Yalom is featured in a 3 volume video series entitled Understanding Group Psychotherapy, available from Psychotherapy.net in DVD format.

Outpatients is a two-disc set which portrays a re-enactment of four segments of group sessions over the course of a time-limited mixed adult group. We view Dr.Yalom leading each session,and then providing behind the scenes insights regarding his interventions. The general principles clearly outlined here will be extremely helpful and applicable to almost any population participating in outpatient psychotherapy groups.

This is a two-disc set which portrays an entire session, based on the model detailed in Inpatient Group Psychotherapy. The group session is presented in three segments: introduction, agenda setting, and agenda filling. Dr.Yalom provides commentary before and after each segment, giving clear step-by-step explanations for the structure and specific interventions. You will learn how to run effective groups for the challenging client populations encountered in inpatient settings, structured outpatient programs,and residential treatment facilities.

In this candid discussion,Yalom discusses group psychotherapy, his existential perspective, and more. He describes the early influences that helped shape his professional life, his insights into the training of group psychotherapists, the healing factors of group work, death anxiety, and his work on bereavement.

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